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Join Us for Memphis in May 2014

Christmas is fast approaching. Have you or someone you know ever wanted to be on a BBQ Team for the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest? Here is your chance. We here at Too Sauced To Pork open up 20 membership spots every year for people from all over the World to join the team for MIM. Last year we had members from 8 foreign countries and 21 US States. This years contest honors the country of Panama and is held Wednesday May 14th to Saturday May 17th on the banks of the mighty Mississippi. (follow the link in the Main Menu to the right for our guide to the contest)

No cooking experience needed, we have members that cook all meals and contest entries…and if you feel comfortable, you are welcome to pitch in if you like. We are a team with no secrets, if you want to learn from us we will be elbow to elbow with you in the kitchen…We try to be good ambassadors of Barbecue.

We have a full bar, Kegs and Liquor, with bartenders and a double frozen beverage machine stocked with Bourbon Slush and Margaritas. We also have our own label of Wine (Too Sauced To Shiraz) made by the talented and award winning winemaker, Ms. Sara, as well as gallons of our own homemade Apple Pie Moonshine made by our resident good ole boy Johnny.

We have a BBQ buffet everyday for lunch and dinner that includes at least 3 meats and 3 sides…usually much more.

This all comes with a membership. If you or someone you know is interested please look to the main menu on the right of this page and hit “Join Us”…these memberships don’t last long.


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Nov 21, 2013
Posted By
John Spagio

Hi, I am a certified KCBS judge and would like to become a member. I am not seeing a join or any button on side. Can you tell me what are the membership fees.


Posted On
Nov 22, 2013
Posted By

Email sent John…

Posted On
Dec 02, 2013
Posted By
Don Robilliard

Hi my name is Don and I am interested in your request for membership but like John I do not see any button to click on, could you please send me some additional information regarding dates and what membership intails expense, etc. Thank You

Posted On
Dec 08, 2013
Posted By
Mike D

Hi Don,

I forwarded you info on to Neil, he should have gotten back to you by now. For those having difficulty locating the join us link, it is under Main Menu on the right hand side of the screen. You can also click —> here.

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