THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2016

About Us

Too Sauced To Pork started off as Swinebucks BBQ in 2005.  Neil was a store manager at Starbucks, and was grinding coffee turkish for a customer one day in 2004 when he noticed an odd similarity.  The Turkish coffee he was grinding had the same consistency and feel as ground paprika.  Eureka!  Espresso BBQ rub and sauce.  Neil and Mike were cooking on other teams, and had always wanted to start one of their own.  Neil called Blake, Eric, and Dave and along with Schatzi and Mike, Swinebucks BBQ was born.

In 2008 Neil left Starbucks Coffee, and we all began the search for a new name that fit our team.  Neil was with his girlfriend (now wife) Melissa on Goat Island above Niagara Falls when sweet nectar flowed from her lips, “You guys are always too sauced to pork” Lightning shot across the sky, a thunderous roar of applause sounded from the heavens as the angels began a song…that was it… TOO SAUCED TO PORK.

Why is this team different from other BBQ Teams…

We believe in inclusion instead of exclusion.  We give people from all over the world the chance to join, AND be a part of the team for Memphis in May.  In 2013 we had members from 22 US states and 7 foreign countries on the team, all united by their love of BBQ

We have won over 40 awards and have placed top ten over 60 times in our short history.  Including first place wins at Memphis in May, Goat Days, West New York BBQ and Music Festival, and Smokin Aces just to name a few.


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