We have been competing since Memphis in May, and have neglected our Website…for that we offer you our sincere apologies. During the Summer we got our first Perfect 180 score in a KCBS contest. This was an awesome achievement…they do not happen often.

You can find us in September at:

Goat Days in Millington TN
Friday 9/13/2013 – Saturday 9/14/2013

Oinktoberfest – Clarence NY
Friday 9/20/2013 – Sunday 9/22/2013

I know…Summer just ended.


It is never too early to think about Memphis in May!

The planning session for 2014 will begin in October. We will have our Application due by Jan 15th.

This years honored country is…..PANAMA…(cue Van Halen)

Once again we will be running a Early Bird Membership Special. If you get your Membership in by the end of 2013 (Dec 31st), you will get $50 off your Team membership fee.

Hit JOIN US on the menu to your right for more info.

ALL Members receive a team booth wristband that entitles you to “All you can eat and drink” privileges in the booth and a team t-shirt.

Only Big Hog and Boss Hog members get Gate Admission Wristbands. This means that during open hours of the park they can enter and exit the park as they please without paying admission.

We are looking for Ms. Piggie Idol contestants. Can you sing, dance, or karaoke? Contact Us


Memphis in May Update

The big day is here. It’s Wednesday, and tonight marks the opening of the Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest. Wednesday is friends and family night. No public admission tonight. We get to feed our friends and family and get ready for the real big day tomorrow, which marks the first public open day of the festival. We spent the last few days getting things loaded in, and yesterday we got the rest of the tents set up:

Frame of tent

Then we got a special delivery:

Large plastic cooler

That one on the left is full of meat. Needless to say, that was a bit challenging getting unloaded. Many thanks to Shane for picking everything up and delivering it out to us. Finally, we got one of the most important bits set up in our tent… The bar:

The bar

We look forward to seeing everyone who is coming down to visit us. Not longer to go till we open. Now it’s time for me to get up, and head down to the park, so I can help with the last bits of set up.


Load In Day 1 Complete

After much work, the Too Sauced to Pork Memphis crew has completed Day 1 of Memphis in May BBQ Fest Load In. We’ve got a busy week of work ahead of us before our out-of-town members and guests arrive. Many of us started our day at 5 AM today, busily turning this:

Muddy Land

Into this: Booth with Floor Down

Booth with Tent Up

Much thanks to the rest of the hard-working Memphis crew, and especially the new members who came out today to work with us getting everything set up.


Memphis in May BBQ Contest Tips For Visitors not on a BBQ Team


memphisinmay walk in

memphis_in_may full view

We at team Too Sauced To Pork wrote this to help you out!!

Every year we open up 20 spots on our team for people from all over the world with a love of BBQ.  Click the join us button on the right to submit your name for consideration as a team member.

First click this YouTube video of James Hyter singing “OL MAN RIVER” to get you in the mood while you read


Mr Hyter was an Icon in Memphis, he was beloved by all that heard him. He sang this song multiple times in a row at each Sunset Symphony for 21 years to thunderous applause and deafening roars of appreciation. Have any Memphian who had the privilege to attend watch this, and they will tear up. This is his last performance at the Memphis in May Sunset Symphony 1998


Team Booths

All booths are private parties. Unless you know someone on a team, you will most likely not be able to gain access into a booth or the food and drink within, UNLESS you talk nicely to teams, and this doesn’t mean nicely go up and ask for food, you will most likely be dead in the water begging for food.

Nicely ask where they are from, relate to them, ask about our smokers, where we get our meat, what is involved in doing a contest as amazing as Memphis in May.  After this line of questioning, many of us will give you a little tour. Subtle, good-hearted flattery works very well in BBQ. Then express GRATITUDE to your new friend by asking if there is anything you could do for them.

Most will say no,

But some will ask if you would mind doing a little clean up or an odd job around the booth…THIS IS A TEST!!! 

This means they like you and they are judging your work ethic. You could be headed toward a weekend pass, or be invited as a member next year






Teams are not Vendors, we can not give away food and drinks to the general public. Teams can only distribute their wares to their “invited guests”.  An “Invited Guest” by Memphis in May rules is anyone within the boundaries of a team booth.

Teams CANNOT charge you to enter their area, that is a major MIM rule violation.  If you are invited into a booth you are however allowed to tip your bartender for the free drinks you have been given.  That is just common courtesy. Tip them well.

Bartenders courtesy of Team Cadillac Grillz


 Many booths have a security guard on the door at night during “Party Time”. 

You will not get in without;

  1. Knowing your buddies name – their full name, and probably their SSN and mothers maiden name
  2. Or having the gift of gab
  3. OR being a good looking female
  4. Or you actually followed the advice in the first paragraph and made friends with a team


Number 3 works on 75% of booths with large parties, and remember, according to our friend Paul Ryburn of the Moody Ques BBQ Team, The tube top is the official garment of Memphis in May, so wear it proud ladies.


party time





Piggy Idol







Piggie Idol3



There are vendors that sell food, drink, and merchandise to the general public. Teams can not do this or we will be DISQUALIFIED from the Contest. These VENDORS take cash, bring cash. There are atm’s in the park but bringing cash ensures no fees, and avoids breakdowns and outages.



Gate admission is FREE on Thursday and Friday from 11am-1pm

Gate admission is $10 after 5pm Wednesday, and 1pm Thursday and Friday, and all day Saturday



WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES…We can not stress this enough. The park is a mile long…you will walk up and down it many times, a member of our team, Neil, wore a pedometer a few years back. In the time he was at the contest, he walked 47 miles in 4 days. 17 on Friday alone. Your feet will get stepped on, there could be mud, there are plenty of sharp pebbles to get stuck betwixt your toes, not to mention the evil discarded (INVISIBLE AT NIGHT) corn dog pungi sticks. Nothing will ruin your day faster than a limping trip to the first aid tent…PROTECT YOUR FEET!



Kingsford Tour of Champions

 Onsite judging is Thursday and Friday – $15 gets 3 half hour team sessions with samples of bbq, SERVED IN TEAM BOOTHS.

You need to sign up for this NOW as it sold out the last 5 years

Register Here for Kingsford Tour Of Champions

Cooker Caravan

Tours of team booths leaving every half hour from 1130-330 daily FREE FREE…did I say FREE


Tastings of team eats in a dedicated area reserved just for you. Ticketed Event

Memphis in May VIP Ticket Program

Access to 6 of the top MIM Team Booths, Booze, Food, the Whole Shebang.

Information here




The weather can be Sun and Beauty at noon, then ten minutes later you feel the breeze kick up watching over Ol Man River towards Arkansas you spot it, HEAVY, DARK, BLACK and PENDULANT

It is the pestilence of BBQ Fans everywhere…a THUNDERCLOUD. Do not fret, it will pass, they are usually quick. Calmly and with gratitude, ask a nearby team if you may shelter down with them until the worst passes. Most will say yes, if they say no; nod, say thank you anyway, and move to the next team. DO NOT YELL at them…teams will not let angry people in their tents, we will see your blow up and not let you in our tent located next door.

If they don’t let you in, shame on them, Karma will reign supreme come awards. 


It can go from this

nice day


To this…

a bit overdramatic I know..


But we teams were forced to evacuate the Contest back in 2003 when a tornado was just across the river. Friday night, middle of a huge party, Shoulders and Hogs on the smokers…ask any of the teams that were there, it was crazy, it will probably rain one day for an hour, but once again let me state that weather such as the picture above IS VERY VERY RARE!



Outside food and drink can only be brought in by teams, specifically members of teams with 24 hour park wristbands…they will search anything you bring, and you will be forced to throw away any “contraband” items.

No beverages, bicycles, cans, containers, coolers, food, glass bottles, laser pointers, lawn chairs, oversized umbrellas, pets, roller blades, roller skates, water guns, no thrown objects such as baseballs, footballs, frisbees-etc., or weapons.

For more information click here to read our FULL UNOFFICIAL GUIDE to Memphis in May BBQ Fest



Want official info from Memphis in May –

Contest Map

Official Visitor Information

2013 Team Names and Bios

Entertainment Schedule

Article Provided by

Too Sauced To Pork Championship BBQ Team

Memphis TN – Buffalo NY


Friends, Countrymen, BBQER’S lend me your jowls!!!

Too Sauced To Pork Championship BBQ has only 4 Team Membership spots left on the team for the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest.

1. Do you need to want to, or know how to cook BBQ to join – No, there are many fun volunteer opportunities such as Security, Bartending, or Public Relations.

2. You don’t want to do any of that, you can join just to party, drink and eat, but please volunteer to wash a few dishes.

… 3. Our team will have at least 3 BBQ meats and 3 sides at every buffet meal, a free bar available to members including; Beer, Soda, Bottled Water, Liqour, Frozen Margaritas, and Bourbon Slush.

Interested in joining our BBQ Family? Go to our Website and click Join Us



For all you New Teams

This is knowledge that has been gained by us through the years of competing…hopefully it helps.

For those of you teams that have not been in MIM before…

The “Crap they don’t tell you about Competing in Memphis in May” list…

Let’s start with the planning, since getting in is a matter of turning in the application…and I assume that has already happened

1. Cooks meeting – first timers – go if you can…great way to network

You can add ancillaries, wed. night tickets, and 3 day wristbands up until cooks meeting in april

2. Patio Porkers get 5 – 24 hour bands

3. Regular Teams get 15-24 Hour bands

Larger teams (like ours) will buy your extra 24 hour bands…(good way to recoup some costs or to get your kegs or a case of pork paid for)

4. 3 day wristbands are only for gate hours Thurs-Sat

5. Big hog package is a waste of money for a small team…

6. Cattlemans offers free sauce to teams…sign up for it, get the maximium amount…free stuff is good stuff, and if you sign up for the max, that’s like 200 dollars worth of free bbq supplies.

The Contest

1. If you have a large trailer you want in your team booth get there the Saturday before the contest starts because once the fences go up it is dang near impossible to get that hoss into a muddy rutted out spot.

2. Put up your fence as soon as you get there – If you do not, then your empty spot will be used as a parking lot, a turn around, and a way to put a trailer into the spot behind yours. THIS SUX. The booth gets all rutted out and very nasty with mud. So prevention is the best policy

3. BRING some kind of floor. You will thank me for this. They don’t call it Memphis in Mud for nothing. It has to sit above the ground. No wood chips, plywood directly on the ground, etc. We use pallets then hammer plywood over em…cheap and easy. I say bring b/c the rental company charges 28 bucks per 4ftx4ft square of flooring.

4. Get the Fire Marshall permit tag as soon as you can on Monday or Tues…DO NOT FORGET…it will be absolute HELL trying to track these guys down come Wednesday

5. Bring your own grounding wire kit for your tent, if you don’t the electricians will charge you for a kit..AND INSTALLATION…if you bring your own they will hook you in no charge

6. WATCH your team boundaries…there are some teams that will move paint and stakes to get a bigger area. I won’t name names, but it is rude and sh**ty to do. Measure your spot, then drive BIG stakes into the ground at the corners…

7. Count on electric to not be hooked up until Tuesday…it usually gets hooked up before, but there have been snafu’s in the past. Make sure you have an

alternative plan for meat, tools, light, etc

8. RENT A PORT-O-JOHN, and put it in the BACK of your booth. You can thank me later for this. If your crapper is in the front people will just walk into your booth and use it without permission…not cool. If you don’t have one you will regret it when you go to relive yourself only to find overflowing crappers from the 100,000 people that used them before you. Plus all the drunks= PUKE in the public ones…NASTY

9. Beer sales end early by 9pm everyday…PLAN FOR THIS. Wed is like 6pm and Sat is 7 pm…Remember to stock up or you will be SOL…

10. Wednesday is the last day to load in…7am – NOON Vehicles must leave by 3pm…those of you driving in from points unknown This is the ABSOLUTE LAST time to load big stuff in…otherwise you will be hoofing it in from ½ a mile away…that is no exageration…½ a mile at least carrying stuff.

11. GET A WAGON – this will save you LOTS of heartache. From kegs to meat, to the 2 kids you can haul everything you need in them. A must for MIM.

12. You will need to have Blockers and runners for your entries. The crowds are thick and you will need 2 or 3 person teams to get your stuff to the judging quickly and safely.

13. You need to bring a fire extinguisher with a CURRENT INSPECTION TAG ATTACHED. They will not give you a fire permit without one.

14. All propane tanks must have a holder…a milk crate is perfect for this, without a holder…no permit


If things go wrong with your pork entry put the beautiful portions in the blind box. (remember pork entries can have NO garnish) You have to learn to B.S. and sell your onsite judge on your product. You can talk your way out of a burnt looking rib or shoulder to an onsite judge, you can’t explain anything to the blind judges….

I think that’s all our tips…anyone else got anything?


BBQ Fest Team Memberships

While it is too late to guarantee you a team t-shirt or park ticket, we are still taking memberships to the team. While we are taking memberships until May 6th, we urge you to hurry as membership slots are filling up fast. We will likely fill up before the May 6th deadline. You can find out how many slots we have left by looking to the right below our countdown to BBQ Fest.

Once we are full, we will start taking names for a waiting list if we have any cancellations, so even if there are no slots left, click Join Us to the right and submit your contact information. Don’t miss another great year with Too Sauced to Pork at the Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest. This year promises to be a great year, with a great river view booth. Contact us today!


Memphis in May Team Memberships


The due date for membership money is fast approaching. We will have full team memberships for the Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest available until April 1st. You can still join up until May 6th, but we can not guarantee a MIM park wristband, Wednesday night tickets, or correct size T shirt.

Extra T-Shirt orders are due April 1ST
Extra Park Wristband orders are due April 1st
Wednesday Night ticket Orders are due April 1st. – If you will be attending WED NIGHT, email me back with name, # of people, by Tuesday March 25th

We will be in Spot R-18 Riverside. It is near the Beale Street Gate, right past the first pass thru that leads to the Riverside Booths. A GREAT SPOT


Kingford Tour of Champions

Kingsford Charcoal and Memphis in May International Festival officials announced today an offer that will allow greater access to judging of championship barbecue at the Festival’s annual World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest. The Kingsford Tour of Champions Judging offers non-trained judges an opportunity to judge world class competitive barbecue on-site with select teams and determine who goes home with bragging rights and $2500 in prize money for being the consumer’s favorite.

four shifts: Thursday 2-4 PM or 4-6 PM, Friday 2-4 PM or 4-6 PM. You can sign up for multiple tastings if you want.

Registration is now open- visit Memphis in May’s Registration to reserve your spot!

More info


Team Accepted to the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest

We have received our acceptance letter to MIM BBQ Fest. TSTP has procured a Riverside spot in the Ribs section. We will be chillin and grillin 20ft from the bank of the Mississippi River.

We still have some Memberships available for this year’s team. Please click the Join Us button on the right of this page if you are interested.

BBQ Fest Countdown


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